Thursday, August 30, 2018

August 30th, 2018

Water Temperature:

77 Degrees

Lake Level:

Still Plenty of Water – If You know what you are doing!
Lakeside: stay to Port side of the Bay
Griffis Road side at Scout Island: follow the channel buoys – look for the lit buoys.
Wally’s: stay to the left, then come into the dock, Leaving towards Scout island is the deeper way. Watch out for the rock pile.
Lanzi’s, Ponderosa Pines, Sport Island Pub – all other marinas have plenty of water.
Plenty of Beach!!!
Enjoy the Ring of Fire on Sunday!
Getting in and Out of the launches will be the issue

Friday, August 10, 2018

August 10th, 2018

Photo by Martin Dybas

Lake Level

It's been three weeks since my last lake report. The good news is the  rainy week at the end of July helped keep the lake from going down as  much as it would have. The rain saved us losing another foot of depth  that week.

It's been a hot dry summer and most people don't remember the  lake this low for this time of year, but don't worry there is still plenty of water.

With that being said, the lake is exactly 1.5 feet lower than it was 3 weeks ago in my last lake report. I would suggest no boats go all the way through stump alley, there is less than 2 feet of water, although I know a few "brave" pontoon captains who have.

At this water level most of the "gotchas" around the lake are above water and visible, the few that aren't just pay attention to your danger buoys and you will be fine.
On the other side of the coin we have plenty of beach places to escape to and enjoy. Another one of my favorite spots when the water is this level is the sandbar that comes out from Northampton

There is still 8 feet at the shallowest point going into Lakeside's docks in muscles harbor. Follow the small channel markers and stay to the left of the channel coming in to the bay approaching from the lake and you will have lots of water.

Wally's still has 4-5 foot at the shallowest point, and a little more than that at the end of their  courtesy dock. When approaching here you want to stay toward the center of the bay until you get passed the first set of docks then make your right turn to go towards the courtesy dock, and you will have plenty of water. As for Lanzi's and Sport Island Pub there is plenty of water.

Also I Go Inn and Captain Nauti's have plenty of water, and lets not forget Ponderosa Pines who does have a courtesy dock, Its a smaller one but it works fine. This end of the lake always has the most amount of water so if your nervous about the lake explore this end.

Past Batchellerville bridge there is still approximately 12 miles of lake until you get to the dam. It is more mountainous,and less populated then the southern end, and very scenic.

Don't forget there is the "Dam Tie up" this Saturday August 11Th at the Conklingville dam so its the perfect time to check it out.

Water Temperature

was down to 77 after the rain but has gone back up and hovering between 81 and 82 degrees. Its still
76 degrees at 25 feet down.


They have been pulling out some big northern pike, in the shallows around the weed beds. Also bass have been
hitting like crazy, and the walleyes have been steady. Yellow Perch seem to be a little slow, who knows what happened to the white perch, and trout have been hitting average for this lake which isn't saying much.

Tip of the week:

If your going to go out in a small jon boat on a busy, rough weekend.....don't run out of gas.
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Friday, July 20, 2018

July 20th, 2018

Photo Credit Todd Vincent

Mid-Summer Lake Report

Sorry for the big gap in lake reports. I hadn’t been out in the boat enough until July to give you an accurate lake report.


Water temperature is 81 degrees right now. On July 8th was the warmest reading I’d seen in quite a few years at 86 degrees. The cool nights recently have cooled the water to 81 degrees, which is still beautiful. Even at 20 feet deep, the water is still at 77 degrees.


In my opinion, the water is a perfect balance of beach and navigable waters. What I mean by this is there’s still plenty of water to get to Lakeside Tavern, Wally’s and Pirate’s Cove. Sport Island, I-Go Inn, Captain Naughties, Lanzi’s and Ponderosa Pines always have plenty of water throughout the season.

But you do have to start paying attention to your danger buoys. They are there for a reason.
The last couple of years with the high water you didn’t have to pay attention as much. But this year, with the water levels we’ve lost a couple of feet of depth since 4th of July weekend, you have to start paying attention.

Remember, we are about 5 feet lower than we were about this time last year.
As for Mosquito Bay (aka Stump Alley) I would suggest Pontoon boats from this point forward only go all the way through because there’s only 3-4 feet of water in the shallowest spots. V-bottom boats can still easily come from the Northampton side to pick out their favorite beaches.

Because of the water level, there’s plenty of great beaches now and places to stop. One that’s come up nicely is the sandbar from Northampton camp ground that runs south for a couple hundred yards.
Farther south by Scout Island the Trap Islands are out of the water and a couple of them are nice to pull up on but make sure you approach from the Broadalbin side. It will be like having your own private desert island.

And of course Sand Island has plenty of room because the island is much bigger due to the low water.
With so many other spots to go, there shouldn’t be as much pressure on Sand Island because there’s so many great spots to beach for the day.
The south side of Scout Island has very nice sandy beaches. (Just remember you need a permit to visit the island.)

Photo Credit Joanne Passero

Fishing was great in late June. It tapered off a bit during the heat wave but this past week has been pretty steady. Walleye’s and Perch are biting the best. Small Mouth Bass have also been biting good since the beginning of summer. Trout seem to be hitting the best they have all season.
Growing up here, living through the years of no water by August, we’re doing pretty good for as hot and dry as the summer’s been.

Tip of the Week

Summer is short, so get out and enjoy!
This Weeks Photos are Great Entries in The Visit Sacandaga 2019 Calendar Photo Contest from Joanne Passero and Todd VIncent! Get Your entry in by AUgust 15th for your chance to win a calendar!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 27th, 2018

Here is a mid-week lake report.

This one is going to be a little different, mostly pictures, so everybody can see for themselves how good the lake is. I have to admit, this is the second best I’ve seen the lake all season.

The only bad spot I’ve seen is off the point of Griffis Road to the Sandbar off of Scout Island.

If you’re taking a wheeled vehicle from Wally’s to Lakeside make sure to go over the Sandbar on the Scout Island side - do not stay on the ice between the Sandbar and Griffis Road. Snowmobiles will have to stay on the ice because it’s bare dirt and rocks over the Sandbar, but they can skip over the open water no problem.

The way to avoid any of this is stay to the Broadalbin side of Scout Island (aka the main channel) and you won’t have to worry whether you’re on a snowmobile or wheeled vehicle, you’ll be fine.

We’ve got 20”-23” of ice and we haven’t lost the shoreline.

They’re releasing the water out of the lake starting today, so the water will not rise anymore, which is perfect. It’s going to be a great weekend on the lake. And it’s going to be a full moon. Fishing: Mostly bass today.

Tip of the Week:

Watch out for tip-ups this weekend.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

February 23rd, 2018

(Here’s the all important after the thaw lake report..)

Ice Report

The lake is actually in better shape than it was last week.
With the snow yesterday it's a little slushy but not bad at all.

The warm weather this week has melted the hard snow and flattened out the ruts.
There’s still 2’ of ice and the shorelines are fine.

As of 3pm on Friday the shore lines are fine, easy still driving on and off with wheeled vehicles pulling shanty’s. But there’s about 3” of snow so you can ride snowmobiles no problem, it’s just a little slushy.

There’s no new heaves, only the same ones we’ve had that run by Deer Island back to Lanzi’s and along the shore from Lanzi’s to Sunset Bay.

The water level is up about 1.5” but it will take another 2.5” to reck the ice on the shore, and this should not happen due to the cooler weather and the fact that they will be releasing more water starting tomorrow.


has been above average, with 113 Walleye turned in last weekend (lot of them averaging between 19-21”.)
The Perch and Northern have been biting good and the Trout are coming on strong and have really picked up in size.
You can still access all your favorite bars and restaurants with no problem. The riding should be excellent tomorrow!

Tip of the Week:

If you’re out in a snowstorm at night, bring a compass.

Friday, February 16, 2018

February 15th, 2018

(This is Lou’s Lake Report as of Thursday afternoon.)

Ice Report:

The ice is good.
The shoreline is good.
The snow has settled down a lot. This means that there’s plenty of snow for snowmobiles, but 4-wheelers and side x sides can still make it around out there.
There is still 21”-24” of ice and most of the heaves have settled down except for those that run from Hudson River to Sunset Bay. But this is a large one, so you can see it really good and it mainly runs along the shoreline.


With the warmer temperatures tonight, the snow conditions will change a little, but it’s supposed to cool down to noon Friday and get into the single digits friday night which should stiffen the snow up perfectly for all transportation types. The only downside will be it will be a very rough ride.

Photo by Paul Brady‎
via Great Sacandaga Lake Friends 


Has slowed down considerably in the last few weeks, right now were in a mid-February lul, but the walleyes have been biting better for this time of year although their sizes are a bit on the small side.
However, we will a definitely know after Saturday.
The bigger Northerns have seemed to stop biting a bit, but the Perch are still running huge and abundant.

Tip of the Week

This week there’s two.
  1.  If you’re debating on bringing your 4-wheeler or snowmobile to the Walleye Challenge, you can make it on either but a snowmobile will definitely get you to weigh stations easier and faster.
  2.  You do not need a fishing license this weekend, whether you’re from out of state or in state. It’s NY State free fishing weekend!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

February 9th, 2018

Ice Report:

21-24” and smooth
i rode the entire lake last Saturday before the snow storms. A lot of the heaves have flattened out since then – now that the ice has gone back down. The lake has become very smooth except for a couple of the big ridges which are visible over by Lanzi’s on the Lake and Sin Clair Point and another one back by Bunker Hill/ HRBR. Other than that the lake is very smooth.
we had 2 snow storms since and got a perfect amount of snow. With the last one riding was good. 4- wheelers and side x sides could still get through.
Now we have 1 1/2 feet of snow on the ice. It’s jond of like riding s jet-ski on a snowmobile. It’s a lot of fun actually! We haven’t been able to do this for about 3 years!
Now, 4wheelers and side x sides are not able to get through unless you plow or have tracks.
As I am giving this report we already have a couple of inches of new snow and visibility is about0 as it is coming down hard! It should settle out Nicky with a bit of sunshine
Tgere is no slush under the snow which makes riding great!


Walleye are running good and about 16-17”
They are hitting in the morning and after 4 in the afternoon, not much fitting the day.
Perch are really hitting well. Size is good.
Northerns Are running steady too. The fishing holes are awesome-above average.
Trout are coming a bit too.

Tip of the Week

Have a heated shield or else you are not going to be able to see where you are going.

Friday, February 2, 2018

February 2nd, 2018

Ice Report:

The lake level is back on its way down and the shorelines are tightening back up, and we finally got some snow on it.
This weekend, side X sides and 4-wheelers should have no problem getting on and off the ice. There is a general 21-inches of ice across the lake with just a little bit of snow that we received Thursday morning on the surface.
There’s two large heaves that run from in front of Lanzi’s on the Lake. One of them runs all the way to Paradise Point Road in Sunset Bay. The other runs down along the shore towards Big Franks (where it typically runs every year.) You can find ways over and around them, just take your time.North of Batchellerville Bridge, there’s about 16-inches of ice. The only issue is with all the moving of the water up and then back down, it’s created a lot of heaves. Some are up to 5-feet tall and very visible, while others are only 6-12 inches and hard to see. If you hit any of these in the wrong direction with speed, it will be like hitting a wall.
There’s a small new heave that formed Tuesday that runs from the point of Vanderburg Point Road towards Scout and then parallel to it by the rock pile that emerged in front of Wally’s bay. This is a new one, which is not typically there, you can easily cross – just watch your speed.
Another one that I’ve saw this week, was from Close’s Farm running out beyond Beacon Island. Again, it’s a small one and easily crossed as long as you’re not going to fast.
I’ve also heard reports of many small heaves on the way through the channel going towards Northampton. I haven’t personally seen these, so I don’t know much more than that.
There’s another one runs from Sinclair Point back to Fishhouse Road. Again this is a small one but it may grow as the level of the lake lowers.
The flattest ice that I have found is from north of Sinclair point to north beyond Batchellerville bridge.
The point to all this is there are many heaves that may form and disappear day to day, so if its been a few weeks since you rode a sled on it, it’s a whole different lake. Especially since they are going to lower the Sacandaga 3-feet over the next 3 weeks. As of now there’s enough snow to ride snowmobiles, but not enough to hinder wheeled vehicles either. There’s no problem getting to Lakeside, Wally’s, Lanzi’s, Sport Island Pub (just don’t go near the Northville bridge), Captain Nauti’s, Ponderosa Pines and Old Trail.


Walleye are still biting but they have slowed down toward the end of the week.
Northerns have actually picked up a little, but there size still runs small, with only a few above 40” being caught. Perch are running very big in the 12-14” range.
Few trout have been caught this last week.

Tip of the Week

Slow down. You have a way bigger chance getting hurt hitting something, than you do falling through. Please be especially careful at night.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

January 14th, 2018

Ice Report:

There is 14 to 16 inches of ice across the entire lake from Northampton south to Scout Island.
From Sinclair point northeast past ponderosa pines there is 9 to 10 inches of ice, and getting to Ponderosa Pines and Captain Nauti’s is no problem.
Once you get past Turner Rd. the ice thickness drops off to about 6 inches, and I wouldn’t suggest going past that point unless you are a regular to that area of the lake, and also there is no reason to go beyond that. North of the Northville spill way to the Northville bridge is the trouble spot.
Not only on the Northville side of the channel. This is due to the amount of water coming down the Sacandaga River.
If you stay on the Northampton side of the channel, you are fine and you can still get to Sport Island Pub which has 14 inches of ice in front of it.
The ice is broken up all around Northville bridge and beyond for about 500 yards, but it’s on the Northville side as this is the river channel. With the below zero weather tonight and tommarrow the rivers and streams should Recede rapidly, and no further damage to the ice should occur.
With that being said use caution this weekend around any streams and inlets that flow into the lake. So this means if you are going to Lakeside stay to the right entering the bay.
You will actually be on dry land and not be affected by the Kenneyetto flowing in which may have weakened the ice. I found no open water anywhere in the middle, but it felt like it in a few spots because there is up to 6 inches of water on top of the ice, and a general inch or two of water across the entire surface of the ice.
This will be gone or frozen by tomorrow. I found one new ice ridge since last week in front of Lanzi’s and runs down the normal direction toward Mayfield. This one is there every year and is very visible during the day. Other then that there were cracks here and there but they were flat and easily crossed.In general….
You can still get anywhere on the lake, the only problem I foresee is there will be no lube for sleds once it refreezes I experienced a huge difference just from late morning until I got back home at night, so 4 wheelers and side×sides will be preferred transportation until we get more snow.
This will make the ice fisherman happy.


The fishing has picked up a bit later this past week, with walleyes and big perch being caught the most.
The northerns have slowed down and their sizes have dropped off.
No reports of trout.

Tip of the week…

Don’t forget your cleats

Monday, January 8, 2018

January 8th, 2018

Lou's Lake Report

Sorry for the delay since the last lake report. I’ve been thawing pipes and I’m sure all of you have been doing that too. As you all know the last two weeks have been brutally cold, which has produced 12″ of perfect, solid, clear ice on the Sacandaga Lake.


-25 on Sunday in Northville!


Some areas are reporting up to 15″ but there is no less than 12″ of ice on the entire lake until you get north of flagpole point, which is a few miles from the dam. There’s a perfect amount of snow on the ice so you can use 4-wheelers and side by sides, but there’s still enough lubrication for snowmobiles.

Incredibly there’s not a lot of heaves. There’s one on the shore in front of Lanzi’s so be careful getting on and off the lake there.

Even stump alley is fairly flat due to all the snow drifting into the low spots. Conditions for riding may change a little this week due to warmer temperatures and more snow on the way. But the ice thickness and strength should not be affected.


Walleyes have been biting fairly decent in the afternoon, but the Northerns have been really biting above average and their size is above average for this time of year.

Tip of the Week:

Don’t leave beer in your sled overnight.

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