Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5th, 2015

The Lake has settled down quite a bit since last Sunday!

There are still pockets of slush but there is not slush everywhere. The cold weather tonight should harden it up and the slushy spots should freeze.

Still, stick to the trails as the virgin snow may be difficult to navigate.

The best riding is still from Sin Clair point up to the Bachelorville Bridge on up to Ponderosa Pines. Or from Sin Clair Point up to Sport Island Pub.

There are still some 2' drifts out there so keep an eye out. 
Also snowmobiles, PLEASE keep an eye out for tip=ups and snow banks!


There is currently 20'- 22" of ice everywhere. The good news is that the snow should keep it isolated, so we should have ice for a while! 

Currently, if you drill a whole in the ice, it doesn't fill up with water.

The Lake is within a foot of its lowest level right now, so there is not a lot of water. From Scout Island to Beacon Island there is about 8'-12' of water. From Scout to Sand Island there is about 15'-20' of water.


Pike - Good
Walleye - Steady
Perch & Northerns - should be fat as they are getting ready to spawn

Next Sunday is the deadline for removing shanty's and Next Weekend will be the better of the two for taking your shanty down.


  • Fuel-n-Food Weekend Long Fishing Contest starting Friday!
  • Fireworks in front of Sport Island Pub Saturday around 7PM (Aaron Mittler Acoustic inside the Pub!)
  • Electric City Riders Ice Races in front of the Sport Island Pub on Sunday

Tip of the Week:

Take of your skirts and get out there!It's Not that bad!!!!