Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 25th, 2016

Water Temperature:

76 Degrees (by Scout Island)

Water Level:

is a little more than a foot lower than the last lake report.

Pretty much all the "GOTCHA'S" are visible at this point. But pay attention to your navigation buoys!!! 

There is still 8 feet of water in the channel between Scout and Griffis Road.

All other channels within the green and red buoys have 20 feet plus.
Just keep in mind (when going to restaurants and marinas) that the courtesy docks closest to the shore may not have that much water underneath them.

All of Lakeside's courtesy docks still have plenty of water at this point (MAKE SURE YOU USE THE CHANNEL MARKERS GOING INTO THE BAY). I-Go, Captain Nauti's, Lanzi's & Sport Island have a ton of water. Nothing to worry about with getting in and out of their docks.
At Wally's use the left side courtesy docks. The right side MAY have only 2 feet of water right now. (WHEN ENTERING WALLY"S BAY STAY CLOSER TO HOG ISLAND AND GO STRAIGHT IN. DON'T TURN TOWARDS THE DOCKS UNTIL YOU ARE PAST THE COURTESY DOCK.)In other words stay in the middle left of the bay while approaching. Too far to the right and you WILL be in the dirt!

There will be plenty of beach for the Ring-of-Fire, so that should be GREAT this year! Hold your horses that is NEXT WEEK!

Keep in mind, the lake may seem low - BUT - it is at its historical AVERAGE for this time of year!!! Big Round of Applause for HRBRRD for keeping the level up as high as they did during a drought situation (remember winter?)!!!


Has picked up quite a bit!
Walleye & Rainbow have picked up a lot
Browns should start picking up soon
Bass and Perch are steady
Northerns ..... well we will see them later

Tip of the Week:

Don't jump in the water with a check in your pocket. They just don't hold up as well as cash when wet!

Friday, August 12, 2016

August 12th, 2016

Photo by Arthur Centerbar

Water Temperature:

81 Degrees about a half mile off shore of sand Island
(so just about the middle of the lake)

Water Level:

We are down about a foot from the last Lake Report. Although no one wants rain on a Sunday that rainfall kept the water level from dropping too much last week.

What Does This Mean? 
Pay attention out there!

Stump Ally has only about q foot of water right now, so don't go through there! BUT if you approach from the Northville side there is 6-8 feet of water to pull up and enjoy the sand bars there.

Sand Island is much bigger now so there is a much bigger beach to hang out on and it doesn't feel as crowded.

The Trouble Spots: are now mostly sticking out of the water, so you can see them now.

Overall - don't be scared, there is plenty of water. We are lower at this point in time than we have been in the last 5 years.

If you are nervous, try something different. Go to St. Clair Point up to the dam and use that end of the Lake. There is an average of 40 feet of water up there and there are 14 miles of water between the point and the Dam.

**** Note - the Dam Tie up that was to be this weekend has been RESCHEDULED for Next Weekend.


Walleye: picking up
Perch : picking up
Northerns: have slowed down (as they always do this time of year)
Trout: consistent
Bass: Some rally Big Small Mouth Bass have been coming out of the lake. Mostly on Yona Senco WOrms. The trick seems to be in hooking the worm properly (and that is all I am going to say about that!)

Tip of the Week:

Don't bring soup on the boat! 
(Especially in a styrofoam container!!!!)

Get out and enjoy the time we have left! Only a couple weekends til the Ring-of-Fire