Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 4th, 2015

Photo by Martin Dybas

Water Temperature

is 82 Degrees - it made it up to 84 Degrees last week!

Lake Level

is down about 3' from the last Lake Report. It is just about the perfect balance of beach and water right now.

Stump ally has between 5 and 5 1/2 feet of water, so it is still negotiable by regular boat, but after next week I would recommend only pontoon boats through there!

The Coves are still in great shape with plenty of water.

The Sand Bar at Northampton is exposed.

The Trap Islands are out and nice and sandy on one side.

Scout Island has a nice mix of beach and water (just remember you need a permit to go there)

Sand Island has plenty of beach and you can pretty much go to all your favorite spots.

All the Marinas are in great shape .

You can still go up to the river. The wide spot past the Northville Boat Launch still has 7-8 feet of water.

We are right on track for this time of year and are loosing about 10" of water/week. Barring any tropical storms we should be right on track through Columbus Day Weekend.


Walleye - are small but on fire right now!
Northerns - are 20"-30" class
Trout are coming on
Perch are steady

Sun of a Beach

Yes its true the beach on Vandenburg Point is open
by Wally's Driftwood Park!)

$50 Unlimited use for the year or $10 a carload
Free after 6 PM

And Music on the Beach on Fridays and Selected Wednesdays!!

Tip of the Week

No Matter how good your cooler is, It will not hold your worms until the following week without repacking the ice!

So make sure to take those worms out - or you won't like what you find!