Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17th, 2014 - Waiting for the Freeze

 Ice Report: 

There are 5" of Ice in the Mayfield and Northville Lakes

The Bays are Frozen, and they have been fishing in front of Sport Island Pub

The Main Lake is still Open, but it is right there, we just need a few cold nights

My prediction is by Next Wednesday there will be a coat of ice on the main lake.

There is snow around the shore line, but you have got to watch out for rocks!

Water Temperature:

is 36 Degrees

Lake Level:

is right on target for this time of year


The fish would be biting if you could get out there

Tip of the Week:

Ice Fishers: Remember the new change in the law - your license runs for a year from the time you bought it, so make sure to renew if you need to!

Snowmobilers: Remember to get your voucher's early, you need to bring a printed voucher with you to DMV. You cannot get it the same day.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lake Report December 7th, 2014

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe


Yes we have ICE - all the bays have about a half inch of ice Including Mussels Harbor by Lakeside Tavern, Wally's and Sport Island Pub North to the Bridge.

All the satellite lakes are frozen.

Obviously it is not safe to walk on yet. BUT you can ride 4-wheelers on the shoreline - and possibly sled in sports where there is snow. Just watch out for rocks!


Is 38 Degrees in the main part of the Lake.


is on target for this time of year. The bays do still have a little bit of water.

Photo by Larry Vrooman


Is surprisingly good, the trout have been biting!!! And Walley have been alright.


with all this being said, as soon as we get a couple of cold nights we will be frozen over.
I am predicting the week before Christmas the entire lake will have a coat of ice.


Clear out the carbs on your sled!
If you are luck enough to have EFI, be sure to start it up and be sure it is ready!

Friday, October 10, 2014

October 10th, 2014

Photo by Laurance Saupe 2006
The leaves are still 80% on the trees and all at Peak this weekend! 

If your boat is still in the water, it would be a beautiful weekend for a boat ride!

Just be sure to stick to the channels as the level is down quite a bit from our last report and they are starting to pull the buoys.

There is plenty of beach and privacy - so if you can get out there!

If not, don't worry! It is a great weekend for a drive around the lake.

The GSLBA is hosting their annual Chowderfest at Lanzi's on the Lake this Saturday. The tasting is from 1 Pm-4 Pm and you can taste the areas best chowders for 8$. Vote for your favorite - and enjoy music by Aaron Mittler!

Hope to see you there!

Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26th, 2014

Photo by Bev Mosher

The Water Level

is down about another foot from last week. About 80% of the boats are already out of the water!

Water Temperature

is 63 degrees


The Leaves on the Trees right on the shoreline are about 100% color. The leaves surrounding them on the hills are over 50%. All of them should peak between this weekend and next so while we have nice weather get out and enjoy the color - Before we get a wind storm and they get Blown away.


has been holding strong on all species of fish

Tip of the Week:

Don't take these beautiful days for granted - get out and enjoy them!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 19, 2014

Photo by From Above Media

Lake Level:

We have lost a couple of feet of water since the last report, but there is stil plenty of water to boat in. Stay in the channels and pay attention to your danger buoys - this is the time of year when they really matter!

You may have been saying to yourself earlier in the year "Why are those danger buoys there? - Ther is plenty of eater there!" But now you will know why. 

Some Marinas are getting shallow, especially the first slips that are close to the shore, but you can still get to all the courtesy docks without a problem. (including Wally's, Lakeside, Captain Nauti's, Sport Island and Lanzi's)  Just watch the depth finder if pulling up close to shore.

Leaf Report:

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe
The leaves are just beginning to change on the trees closest to the water all around the lake and Northeast of Sin Clair Point heading towards Conklingville there are spots of Color in the hills.
Also north of Northville Bridge in the next two weeks, mother nature should give us quite a show, so if your boat is still in the water take a ride and enjoy the view with no humidity this time of year you can see a long way.

Water temperature:

has cooled to 65 degrees.


Pike: Average
Walleye: Average
Trout: Starting to run.

Tip of the Week:

Clean the bottom of your boat as soon as you pull it - the scum cleans off much easier vefore it dries (Like concerete0

Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5th, 2014

Photo by Larry Vrooman
Sand Island Bash: 

Has been Officially RE-Postponed to Sunday September 7th at Noon (PLEASE PASS IT ON)

GSLFF Fising Contest is this weekend!

Water Temperature 
is 74 Degrees

Water Level:
is down about a foot from last week, and is holding there. They had let quite a bit of  water out very quickly last week, but it has now leveled off. This is the new "normal" level for this time of year.

So What does this mean? We have about 3 more feet of beech on Sand, Scout, Mosquito Bay and the Northampton point. Perfect for the Sand Island Bash this Sunday. You will either be able to get out and dance on the beach, or hang out on the boat.

Stump Ally - Has only 2-3' of water in it. So Pontoons only! 
Sin Clair Point - stay in the channel and stay away from the point itself.

Trap Islands - are out of the water. (If you approach from the Broadalbin side there is some deep water, and you can pull up close to the shore.This is a great semi-private spot to relax and hang out.

The Broadalbin Shoreline - the rock walls are starting to be 2-3 feet below the water. So UNLESS you know where they are keep away from the shoreline. (AND even then be careful)

All Marinas are still accessible.

*** If you haven't been on the lake in a while or are thinking of coming out for the first time, there is still plenty of water. Just be mindful, there are a few more "gotchas" out there.

Is Phenomenal right now!!!

Walleye: Phenomenal many on the 17" range
Perch: Good
Northerns: Starting to get better
Carp: are biting like crazy for bread balls and potato chips!

Tip of the Week:
Remeber to RAISE your lower unit BEFORE you pull your boat up on to the ramp! Trust me, it wont hurt the concrete or black top!!

If you haven't checked it out recently, we have updated our Fuel-n-Food Website! We are working on getting the photos from our photo albums scanned into our Flickr Photo Gallery - so keep checking back and you will see some classic photos!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 28th, 2014

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe

Water Temperature: 

is 73 Degrees

Water Level:

The water rose about 6" last week due to the rain, but it is now down about a foot and they are letting quite a bit of water out, so it should realty be at a perfect level next week for the Sand Island Bash!

At the moment, it depends on where you are as to the challenges you may be facing.

The NE end of the lake does not have a lot of beach. But from Sin Claire Point down through Northville is a pretty much perfect mix, You can boat without worrying about hitting too much and there is some pretty nice beach.

Sand Island: The sand point on the Broadalbin side is sticking out, and there is beach all the way around, Again by next week, just in time for the Sand Island bash it should be perfect.

The Trap Islands: Are just starting to come out by Scout Island. It is about knee deep there, so if you want to sit in the water in a lawn chair, you can probably do it and keep your head above water.

Scout Island: has some beautiful sandy spots on the SW side.

The Northampton Sand Bar: is out about half way. There are some deeper spots if you approach by the Northampton Side with a drop off if you have a bigger boat.

Mosquito Bay/Stump Ally: Pontoons ONLY - unless you KNOW exactly what you are doing. ( and even then - be careful!)


Has picked up quite a bit!

Walleye: Great!
Perch: Average
Bass: Average
Northerns: 25" or less in about a foot to 2 feet of water

Tip of the Week:

Mind Your Wake!!!

Have a great week and a Happy Labor Day -  and enjoy the Ring of Fire! There will be Fireworks this Sunday at Sport Island Pub at Dusk! Be safe and we will see you out on the water.

Friday, August 15, 2014

August 16th, 2014

The Lake is down about a foot from our last report, about 6: from last week which is right on track for this time of year. You may need to adjust your docks a bit from the last report.

there is a good amount of sand at sand Island.

The sand bar at Northampton is a good way out now.
Mosquito Bay and Stump Ally have sand in all your favorite spots. Use caution when navigating this area. UNLESS you know it well, large boats should avoid this area now.

It should be a great weekend for Captain Dan's Boat Jam.

The Trap islands by scout  - you can pull in and be in ankle deep water. The SW side of Scout Island has beautiful sand (Just remember you need a permit to use this beach)

Pay attention to the buoys.

Water Temperature 

is 73 Degrees


Is good - they are biting again!
Trout are descent
Walleye are average
Perch are average
Bass have slowed down a bit with the cooler temps

Tip of the Week:

Pull out your canvas and make sure the windows are clear - you may need them this weekend!

Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1st, 2014

Water Level:

Is only down about a foot from our last report.

So your docks should still be O.K. 

There is a bit more beach on Sand island.

The sandbar at Northampton is just starting to come up.

There is about 8' of water in stump ally, so it is still negotiable.

The Brush is up at the trap Islands.

There is a lot more sandy areas at Mosquito Bay.

Water Temperature:

is 73-74 degrees at the surface in Mayfield. (A little warmer by the Dam)


has slowed down a bit

Walleye - people are catching a bunch but 13" - 14" ( just under legal size)

*** The Fishing Federation has raised enough $ through events like their fishing contest and the Walleye challenge to release over 10,000 10" Walleye this October!!

Bass - are holding steady with a bunch of 17"-19" Smallies coming in
Northerns - Are the same 27" - 30" fish coming in in shallow water and weed beds.

Carp - are biting like crazy!

Don't forget the Dam Tie Up
August 9th from 12-5

Tip of the Week:

Its time for the Mid summer cooler clean up! That stuff growing in there is NOT for a science project!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17th, 2014

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe

Water Level:

The Water is down about a foot from last week.

The Sandbar by Northampton is coming up, and it is knee deep at Sand island, so you can dock and enjoy the water in your lawn chair!

Stump ally and Mosquito Bay still have 8-9 feet of water.

They are letting quite a bit of water out, so we may have some nice beach in the coming weeks.

The weekends have been great! All the establishments are in full swing with entertainment all weekend - and their docks and launches are all in Good shape! 

All the gas docks are open as well.

Don't forget the Dam Tie Up on August 9th from 12-5. It is a great chance to discover the other end of the Lake (It Doesn't end at the Batchellerville Bridge!)  It is 12 miles from the bridge to the dam. It is calmer, narrower but deeper and more mountainous.

You can come by car or boat and there will be extra speakers this year so everyone can hear.

Water Temperature:

is 76 degrees.
It has cooled down a bit with the rain and cold nights.

Fishing is Good!

Walleye are coming in at 17" - 19"
and quite a few at 14" (just enough to be frustrating as you MUST release those!)

Perch are average

Bass are biting and good sized

Northern's have been 30" or less

Tip of the Week:

IF it is raining out that bilge pump and kill the battery!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10th, 2014

Photo by Dave Hugo

Lake Level:

This is the first week in about a month that the lake level has remained status quot.
This means that the what you experienced 4th of July weekend is pretty much what you will experience this weekend.

Stump Ally and Mosquito bay are still negotiable with about 9 feet of water.
The Sand bar at Northampton is waist deep as is the Porper Road/Kunkle Point sand bar.

You are stuck to the high points at Sand island and SW point on Scout Island (remember you need a permit for Scout Island)

We need the lake to go down about 3 feet for the optimal mix of beach and boating, and they are letting quite a bit of water out, so It shouldn't be long!

This should be a great weekend to check out the Eagles. There is a family by Scout Island and another by Mead Islands.

Weather report promises a phenomenal weekend for weather.
All the courtesy docks are in good shape!

Water Temperature: 

is 74 Degrees at the surface. It has gone down a bit as the nights have been cooler.


is very good!
Bass and Walleye are biting
Perch are steady
Northerns are falling off a bit (25" or so)
Carp are Biting
Haven't heard much about trout (no one is bragging or complaining!)

Tip of the Week:

Put your vehicle in Park after launching your boat (This means before you get out of the car!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2, 2014

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe

Lake Level:

is right on target for this time of year!We are back to where we ere a couple of weeks after Memorial Day. It should come down about another 6 inches before the weekend. (So after this weekend you shouldn't have to be chasing your docks!)

There is a lot more beach this week than last week. Sand Island has some beach, the sand bar by Northampton is knee deep. No beach showing yet on the Trap Islands. Stump ally still has about 9 feet of water.

Water Temperature:

80 Degrees at the Surface


Bass is productive
Walleye is productive
Northerns are a little smaller (about 30")
Yellow Perch are biting and are around 14-15"
White perch are also biting well.

Tip of the Week:

A compass is better than a spotlight! (By the time you are on top of an island it is too late!)

Enjoy those fireworks out there - and be safe!

Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20th, 2014

Photo by Joanne Micki Agresta
Let me begin by saying I should get a job as a meteorologist! The Lake did the exact opposite of what I predicted last week. The lake level rose  about 2 1/2 feet between Friday and Saturday ... Putting us back to the level we were at just before Memorial Day Weekend!

What can I say other than - you can't get it right all the time (although I do my best!!!)

So what does this mean for us?
Put the dock extenders back on again ... but be aware they are letting quite a lot of water out, so it is going down quickly and you will have to take them back off when we reach the target level of 768 (I would say we will reach it next Tuesday or so)

Sand Island has very little beach and most of the islands are back underwater. The sand bar at Northampton is about waist deep.

Stump ally is navigable at the moment, and you are pretty much safe to boat anywhere with out the worry of hitting underwater hazards. (Use common sense though folks- OK?) 

The Lake is dead calm right now - so other than wakes from boats it is beautiful boating weather.

Lake Temperature
is 70 degrees at the surface
At 20' down it is around 61 degrees

Walleye are still biting
Bass (as predicted)are slowing sown a bit for the season opener this weekend.

The Great Sacandaga Fishing Federation is having their Annual Fishing contest this weekend. 23rd Annual Summer Fishing Contest Saturday, June 21, 2014 6:00am-4:00pm  $2,100 CASH PRIZES $6,000 TAGGED FISH PRIZES at Sport Island Pub

Tip of the Week
Make sure to use your sun block this weekend - It's been a while since we have seen sun like this - and you don't want a sunburn!

Afternoon Concert at Captain Nauti's - Join us for Third Rael this Saturday afternoon at Captain Nauti's in Edinburg

Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13, 2014

Photo by Martin Dybas

Lake Level:

Tuesday the Lake was at 768, a good mix of water and beach. Looks like this is going to be the new "normal" for early summer. The new engineer is doing a good job of following the weather!

Even with all the rain the level has only risen 3"-5".

Sand Island has  some beach, but the trap islands and the smaller islands are still under water.

On the up side, you can pretty much boat anywhere with out being overly concerned about under water hazards! (Always use your common sense and be aware  though!!!)

In spite of this week's rain the level is good - and the forecast os for a warm and sunny weekend! Get out there and have fun!

Water Temperature:68 Degrees

on the surface, although it is holding steady in the 60's up to 18' down. Just a couple of good sunny days and we will be in the 70's- excellent swimming!


Walleye - are on fire! It doesn't matter if you are using stick bait or crawlers -they are biting!!! (You need to know where they are though!!!!)

Perch - are doing well

Trout - Have slowed Down a bit

Bass - are still biting well - BUT YOU CAN"T KEEP THEM! The season doesn't open until the 21st - SO if you go fishing for Father's Day - Catch and RELEASE!!!!!

Tip of the Week:

Don't forget the bug spray!
Have it ready - they will be out there!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 30 ,2014

Water Temperature: 

is 64 degrees on the surface, but drops to about 58 degrees at 24 feet and below that is drops to about 47 degrees. You may want to wait for a couple more days until you go swimming! (the kids don't seem to mind it though!)

Water Level: 

is just about at spillway level, although lower than last week. There isn't mush beach anywhere. The trap and sand islands are under water except for the highest points. Most docks need extensions right now. The Broadalbin Boat Club, Lakeside and Captain Nauti's docks are all in pretty good shape, but not much beach. The good news is that with the water so high is is safer to navigate without too much worry.

It has been windy from the east so the water has been a little rough.


Walleye: have moved to deeper water

Northerns: are hit and miss, but have been catching some good sized ones.

Browns: are hot right now!  People are catching them with worms in the rocky areas around Northville and the Mayfield spillway.

Rainbows: are good
Perch: are slow

Tip of the Week:

Be sure you dock's are high enough - or they will float away and Andy Louie will find them!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16th, 2014

Photo By Andy Luey
The Water is coming up and the ice is breaking up!

The ice is still about 8" thick and pushing up on the Broadalbin side of the Lake. It is dark, and the Mayfield Lake is clear, so it SHOULD be gone by the weekend.

The water is coming up by about 6 inches per day and is just getting to the bottom of the docks. SO if you haven't been up in a while check your docks and get them out or they may float away!!!

IF you can get a boat out, the trout fishing should be good, but we have no reports this week.
Photo By Andy Luey

Tip of the Week: If your Ice shanty is still on the shore you had better get it out - or it will be under water soon!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26th, 2014

Photo by Joanne Passero


Not much  going on - only perch and trout are open in the lake. Walleye and Pike are closed.

Lake Condition:

All shanty's are off the lake although it will be a gorgeous week to be on the ice!

The ice thickness is over 24" everywhere and up to 31" in some spots. 

The ice has smoothed right out with only a couple of heaves left. One being at Sin Clair Point. 

Once the warmer weather sets in on Friday it should soften the top layer and make it perfect for riding with enough lubrication for riding and about as fast conditions as we have had all year.

All areas are safe (of course be aware of your surroundings and and use your judgement and common sense)and the shorelines have plenty of snow so get out and burn off that last tank of gas and oil and visit your favorite establishment for what will probably be the last good weekend on the lake unless you are one of the local die hard dare devils. 

And for those of you that don't have a sled the lake is at its lowest level in years - which is about 23 feet lower than the average full level. 

It is a good way to see where the channels are and where the "gotcha's" are come boating season! You may even find a couple new areas that you can go off the beaten path when it fills up you didn't know you could.
Photo by Joanne Passero

Tip of the Week:

Even though your Snowmobile can go 100 mph plus during the day your headlight at night only gives you enough visibility for 60 mph.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12th, 2014

Photo by Joanne Passero

Ice Report : 

There is still about 28" of Ice on the lake! The Lake has smoothed out quite a bit. Last weekend it was much smoother from Sin Clair Point North, but with that bit of a melt and now all the snow is should be good riding this weekend!

Lake Conditions:

Keep an eye out on the creeks as there is some open water there particularly Kennytto Creek down by Lakeside tavern and the point at Sin Clair point. But all in all they are holding up pretty well. Use some caution by Turner Road, although it did look pretty good last week.

So all your favorite spots should be safe this weekend - just in time for Saint Patrick's Day!The snowfall should cover rocks and stumps on the shorelines.

This is really the last good weekend - so be sure to get out there if you can. Sport Island Pub is having their snowmobile fun run this Saturday. People who know the lake and the spots to look out for can still ride next week - but if you don't this is most likely the last GOOD weekend for riding!


Has actually picked up a bit!

Just remember the season is ending for Walleye, Perch and Pickerel - AND YOUR SHANTY"S MUST BE OFF THE ICE BY SATURDAY!!!

Please be cool and pick up all the trash and beer cans you brought in! It leaves an awful mess and isn't good for the lake!

Tip of the Week:

Stay out of the Creeks - and watch for open water!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5th, 2014

Ice Report:

The ice is GREAT! We have 21" of solid clear ice and 10" of honeycomb- snow re-formed ice! There is no open water in the main lake and the soft spots have re-frozen!

But is is rough ice so it is slow going out there. If you like to go fast - give it 10 days or so and it will smooth right out.
All the trails to and from the Lake are in good shape and nicely groomed, so if you are looking for a change of pace, give those a try. (Tinny's has re-opened)

Fish report:

Fish are running big, but the numbers are low. Walleye Northerns and Perch are running pretty large.

Trout are starting to turn on.
Next week with a little bit of runoff fishing should pick up.

REMEBER: the season closes March 15th for most fish. You will still be able to fish for perch and trout!

Tip of the Week:

Remember your Shanty must be off the Lake by the 15th! This weekend will have perfect conditions for getting them off the lake.

And please people - if your brought it on to the Lake - please take it home!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 26th, 2014

Lake Conditions:

The slush from last weekends storms has hardened up again, so the lake is accessible to 4 wheelers and 4 Wheel drive vehicles. BE CAREFUL because it is rough!

Also KEEP AN EYE OUT - some fishermen have plowed from the shoreline to their shanty's - and they are not all marked. You don't want to hit one of the snowbanks.

Ice Report:

We still have about 20"+ of ice out there. Last weekend there was some water from the creek down in the bay by Lakeside. It has refrozen, but be aware.

My prediction is that the Lake will be nice and smooth again by March 23rd.

Water Level:

Is just about as low as it gets right now. All the islands are out and visible. The Trap Islands look like gigantic hills. There is still quite a bit of snow covering up the rocks and stumps, so most hazards should be snow covered.

The Mullyville Trail - Sacandaga access by Turner Road still looks good.


has slowed down somewhat, we are still in a mid winter lull due to the cold weather.

Tip of the Week:
If you have plowed a path to your shanty - be considerate and mark it with a reflector. ( if you see it is in a major snowmobile access point) It is no fun to hit one of those and go flying off your snow machine!

Join us for Fuel-n-Food's Weekend Long Fishing Contest
You can join us for the Pig Roast at Wally's on Saturday!

Also Lakeside Tavern is hosting their Annual Snowmobile Fun Run to benefit the Northville Rotary Club. Always a good time!

Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

Photo by Bill Trojan

Ice Report: 

There is a consistent 20" of ice everywhere! There are no real ridges to speak of ( which we usually have at this point) And the rocks and stumps on the shoreline are covered in snow! Don't ride up by the Dam as this is still a hazard!

Water Level:

The water level is way down, so no water around Scout Island and Lakeside Tavern

Snow Report:

There is plenty of snow on the ice and no slush! The flat good surfaces that were good for 4 wheelers and cars are gone - So even pick up trucks will get stuck in the snow now due to the deeper snow! 


We are in a mid winter lull. Northerns are steady, but everything else has slowed down. Don't worry it will pick up again in a couple of weeks.


This Sunday at Lanzi's on the Lake. The trail conditions are great do ride your snow machine to the Great Sacandaga and enjoy some great fireworks!

Tip of the Week:

Make Sure your shanty is jacked up high enough!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014

Photo by Ony Antonucci

Ice Report: 

There is a 14 inch sheet of ice on the Lake! 

There are minimal Ridges out there. There is one by Lanzi's on the Lake, one by Sin Clair point.

One by Mayfield Beach and one by Scout Island had open water but has refrozen with the cold temperatures.
Water was up about 3 feet, but will go down a foot or so by the weekend so all should be well by then.

Keep an Eye on the Shore lines for open water!With the coler temperatures they should all be refrozen and have about six inches of ice by the weekend - but be aware. And for the next few days be conscious of the shore lines and the islands.

There is 2 inches of snow on top of the ice, so it is great for snowmobiles and ATV's. Snowmobile - watch out for rocks on the shorelines!!!!


The Northern's have really picked up since this past Sunday, and the Walleye have slowed down a bit.

Tip of the Week:

Watch out for tip ups on the lake! If you do run them over we have more at Fuel-n-Food!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014