Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13th, 2015

Photo by Larry Vrooman
We have 20" of ice pretty much everywhere out there!
Because of all the snow it is starting to slush up a bit.

The Best riding is from Sin Clair point NE to Captain Nauti's up to Ponderosa Pines.

Also from the Mead Islands to Sport Island Pub is alright especially in the fresh powder. The virgin snow makes your machine works a bit harder but it is nice riding - and we don't have these conditions that often.

Be careful of the ice ridges. They are all in the same spots and haven't grown or shifted, but they are difficult to see because of the snow. Pay particular attention to the ridge that runs from The Broadalbin Boat Club to the Trap's then forks and follows the shoreline by Lanzi's on the Lake.

The fireworks have been postponed due to sub zero temperatures and wind. We will let you know the new date. Be sure to go to Sport Island and Catch Third Rael Sunday afternoon - they will be there from 4pm-8pm!

Also most area restaurants have some great specials for valentines day! Be sure to call ahead and get a reservation so that you can be assured to have a table!


is average to good
Pike are picking up and the walleye are steady!

Tip of the Week:

Be cautious of plowing: Some fishermen will plow to their shanty's causing snow banks that are difficult to see.

Ice fishermen - be sure to get out there and jack up those shanties - or they will freeze in when the slush turns back to ice!