Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17th, 2014

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe

Water Level:

The Water is down about a foot from last week.

The Sandbar by Northampton is coming up, and it is knee deep at Sand island, so you can dock and enjoy the water in your lawn chair!

Stump ally and Mosquito Bay still have 8-9 feet of water.

They are letting quite a bit of water out, so we may have some nice beach in the coming weeks.

The weekends have been great! All the establishments are in full swing with entertainment all weekend - and their docks and launches are all in Good shape! 

All the gas docks are open as well.

Don't forget the Dam Tie Up on August 9th from 12-5. It is a great chance to discover the other end of the Lake (It Doesn't end at the Batchellerville Bridge!)  It is 12 miles from the bridge to the dam. It is calmer, narrower but deeper and more mountainous.

You can come by car or boat and there will be extra speakers this year so everyone can hear.

Water Temperature:

is 76 degrees.
It has cooled down a bit with the rain and cold nights.

Fishing is Good!

Walleye are coming in at 17" - 19"
and quite a few at 14" (just enough to be frustrating as you MUST release those!)

Perch are average

Bass are biting and good sized

Northern's have been 30" or less

Tip of the Week:

IF it is raining out that bilge pump and kill the battery!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10th, 2014

Photo by Dave Hugo

Lake Level:

This is the first week in about a month that the lake level has remained status quot.
This means that the what you experienced 4th of July weekend is pretty much what you will experience this weekend.

Stump Ally and Mosquito bay are still negotiable with about 9 feet of water.
The Sand bar at Northampton is waist deep as is the Porper Road/Kunkle Point sand bar.

You are stuck to the high points at Sand island and SW point on Scout Island (remember you need a permit for Scout Island)

We need the lake to go down about 3 feet for the optimal mix of beach and boating, and they are letting quite a bit of water out, so It shouldn't be long!

This should be a great weekend to check out the Eagles. There is a family by Scout Island and another by Mead Islands.

Weather report promises a phenomenal weekend for weather.
All the courtesy docks are in good shape!

Water Temperature: 

is 74 Degrees at the surface. It has gone down a bit as the nights have been cooler.


is very good!
Bass and Walleye are biting
Perch are steady
Northerns are falling off a bit (25" or so)
Carp are Biting
Haven't heard much about trout (no one is bragging or complaining!)

Tip of the Week:

Put your vehicle in Park after launching your boat (This means before you get out of the car!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2, 2014

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe

Lake Level:

is right on target for this time of year!We are back to where we ere a couple of weeks after Memorial Day. It should come down about another 6 inches before the weekend. (So after this weekend you shouldn't have to be chasing your docks!)

There is a lot more beach this week than last week. Sand Island has some beach, the sand bar by Northampton is knee deep. No beach showing yet on the Trap Islands. Stump ally still has about 9 feet of water.

Water Temperature:

80 Degrees at the Surface


Bass is productive
Walleye is productive
Northerns are a little smaller (about 30")
Yellow Perch are biting and are around 14-15"
White perch are also biting well.

Tip of the Week:

A compass is better than a spotlight! (By the time you are on top of an island it is too late!)

Enjoy those fireworks out there - and be safe!