Friday, July 3, 2015

Independence Day Weekend 2015

Water Temperate 

is 72 Degrees depending on where you are on the Lake. The Rain and the cold weather has brought it down a bit, but with the warm days coming up I anticipate it will be in the 80's by next week.

Lake Level:

is up about 4 feet from my last lake report. We are at the Highest Level of the Season so far. The level is what you would expect for m
Memorial Day Weekend.

On the up side you can navigate stump ally and mosquito bay, both of which have 9'-11' of water in spots.

You can go up the back water behind Lakeside Tavern, and up the river in Northville. There is a great spot to raaft just past the quarry where it widens a little.

Trap Islands  and Deer Island are under water except for some brush bushes  SO BE CAREFUL.

The Sand Bar at Northampton and Mosquito bay are under water as well.

We have lost for beach and there is just a bit at Sand Island. There are some sandy spots on the right side of Wally's and near Edinburg Marina.

So plan on rafting this weekend.

On another note - the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is visible just after sunset to the west and we have a gorgeous view of it on the Lake. The Buck Moon is still close to full so it is great for night running!


Walleye - good (but you need to know where to look for them and how to fish for them)

Perch - good

Trout - Average

Northerns - have slowed down a bit

Bass - Good, BUT have slowed down since they have been on their spawn beds

Tip of the Week:

Don't Let this Happen to YOU!

Deer Island is still a hazard, SO if you are coming back at night DON"T find yourself on top of it! It's been done before!