Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 30 ,2014

Water Temperature: 

is 64 degrees on the surface, but drops to about 58 degrees at 24 feet and below that is drops to about 47 degrees. You may want to wait for a couple more days until you go swimming! (the kids don't seem to mind it though!)

Water Level: 

is just about at spillway level, although lower than last week. There isn't mush beach anywhere. The trap and sand islands are under water except for the highest points. Most docks need extensions right now. The Broadalbin Boat Club, Lakeside and Captain Nauti's docks are all in pretty good shape, but not much beach. The good news is that with the water so high is is safer to navigate without too much worry.

It has been windy from the east so the water has been a little rough.


Walleye: have moved to deeper water

Northerns: are hit and miss, but have been catching some good sized ones.

Browns: are hot right now!  People are catching them with worms in the rocky areas around Northville and the Mayfield spillway.

Rainbows: are good
Perch: are slow

Tip of the Week:

Be sure you dock's are high enough - or they will float away and Andy Louie will find them!