Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27th, 2016

Sorry it has been so long since the last lake report, but I have been on the river! SO today Nancy and I rode all over the lake to get you an accurate Lake Report!

Water Temperature:

80.5 Degrees at the Surface at Lakeside Tavern
(last week it was 82 degrees!)

79.5 Degrees at Northampton

72 Degrees at 25 feet down!!

Water Level:

is down 2 feet since the last report.
This means there is still plenty of water for boating, but there is a great mix of beach and water right now.

A great tie off spot that I don't often mention is just west of the launch in Northampton.  It is right of the launch to the north and west and has about 300 yards of beautiful sand.

The Sand Bar at Northampton is now about 2 feet out of the water and extends almost to the Mead Islands.

Stump All has 8feet to 9 feet of water on the Northampton side. The Mayfield side only has 2-3 feet of water.
V bottom boats should stay away from there unless you have intimate knowledge of the ally. But Pontoon boats are good to go through there.

The Trap Island are out of the water about 1-2 feet by Scout Island. If you approach on the Broadalbin side, the water is 20 feet deep or better. Enjoy the beach up there!

There is an Island just off Proper road (past wally's heading toward the new dock and to the right). This is a great spot.

Pirates Cove is another great spot. The south end has a good sandy area.

SO there is plenty of water to boat anywhere you want! PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DANGER MARKERS! Most of the Hazardous areas are now exposed, but you DO need to pay attention.


Walleye is average (15"-17")
Perch is average
Trout is average
Northerns are dropping off. Just small ones in the shallows
There have been no reports of anything over 35 inches in the last two weeks.

Tip of the Week:

Tip your favorite waitress or bartender! They are working hard and the season is short!!!