Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29th, 2013

Water Temperature is 77 degrees

Lake Level: 763 which means you have a perfect mix of water and beach areas to go to! 

You can still boat through stump ally with a Pontoon Boat.

And you can still access deeper sections with most boats. 

The Trap Islands (by Scout) are now out enough so you can beach your boat and use them. 

And all other favorite areas are "high-and-dry".

As far as boating there is enough water - but DO pay attention to the buoys! 

As long as this this trend keeps up we will have great boating through the Sand Island Bash on the 7th!!! (we should only lose another foot of water by then) Sand Island has got the most beach it has had all year so far which will make for a great bash!!!!

Perch are running big
Walleye are starting to bite again
Big Northerns have been taken with Rapalas in shallow water!
Trout have been a little harder to come by, but there are more bait fish in the water than I can EVER remember

Tip of the Week: 

Please remember - most danger buoys are NOT lit - so do NOT run them over!!!!! They will leave a mark ( or stop your prop!!)