Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24th, 2013

Photo by Aaron Kinsburg
Water Temperature: 51 Degrees

As I am writing this report this morning we are seeing some lake effect snow flurries!!!!

Lake Level: is holding! You can still access Mussels Harbor ( and Wally's - if you know what you are doing!) Also the deeper spots are still accessible up north ( Northville, Edinburg)

The only issue is that most places have pulled their docks! As of today, Lakeside Tavern, Captain Nauti's and Wally's still have docks in, but Sport Island and Lanzi's on the Lake have already pulled theirs. So if you are planning on traveling by boat, you may want to be sure there is a dock to go to!

Walleye - still biting but small
Northerns - 25"-30" in the shallows
Trout - steady
Perch - have dropped off
Crappie - have also dropped off

Tip of the Week:
New State law says that if you are traveling by boat you MUST wear a life jacket from November 1st - May 1st. So be sure to have a life jacket on after November 1st!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013

Northville Waterfront Park
Water Temperature is 62 Degrees - this warmer weather is keeping it steady!

Water Level: is only down about 6 inches from last week! SO if you stay in the channels you can enjoy a great holiday weekend of boating! 

STAY in the channels! No stump ally, watch the rock piles by Sunset bay and Sin Clair point. If you aren't sure - don't try it!

The Fall foliage is STILL gorgeous! Maybe just past peak but still beautiful. They are still blasting the piers up by the Bridge, so that may be something interesting to check out on the north end of the lake.

Most of the State Campgrounds are closed, and the private seasonal ones will be closing after this weekend, so GET OUT THERE and enjoy a great weekend!The weather promises to be great!


The Walleye are scattered and not in their normal spots.
Trout are hitting great NE of the town of Day boat launch
Perch are the same as walleye
Bass are hitting good.

Tip of the Week: The fall foliage is gorgeous - But we miss the bikinis!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3, 2013

Photo by Ony Antonucci 
Lake Temperature is 62 Degrees

Lake Level is great for this time of year!Most of the ramps are still in and accessible  Docks are still in at Lakeside Tavern and Marina, Captain Nautis, and Wally's. 

The Channel buoys are still in - but NOT all the danger buoys.
There is plenty of sand bars and beach for parking.

The lake has been calm and the weather is BEAUTIFUL! SO be sure to get out there - the leaves are as gorgeous as they are going to get at the north end of the lake - and you want to get a look at them before we get wind or a storm.

This may be the LAST good weekend of the season - so get out there and enjoy the calm lake, good weather and beautiful scenery!

Fishing: Reports say that the fishing has slowed down, but everyone is out bow hunting, so we have NOT received as many reports as usual.

Tip of the Week: It is Dark out there when the sun goes down! There is no moon out right now and most of the lights that are normally on in summer ore off! So if yo are going out at night, know where you are going and don't count on moonlight or house lights for navigation!!!!