Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26th, 2014

Photo by Bev Mosher

The Water Level

is down about another foot from last week. About 80% of the boats are already out of the water!

Water Temperature

is 63 degrees


The Leaves on the Trees right on the shoreline are about 100% color. The leaves surrounding them on the hills are over 50%. All of them should peak between this weekend and next so while we have nice weather get out and enjoy the color - Before we get a wind storm and they get Blown away.


has been holding strong on all species of fish

Tip of the Week:

Don't take these beautiful days for granted - get out and enjoy them!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 19, 2014

Photo by From Above Media

Lake Level:

We have lost a couple of feet of water since the last report, but there is stil plenty of water to boat in. Stay in the channels and pay attention to your danger buoys - this is the time of year when they really matter!

You may have been saying to yourself earlier in the year "Why are those danger buoys there? - Ther is plenty of eater there!" But now you will know why. 

Some Marinas are getting shallow, especially the first slips that are close to the shore, but you can still get to all the courtesy docks without a problem. (including Wally's, Lakeside, Captain Nauti's, Sport Island and Lanzi's)  Just watch the depth finder if pulling up close to shore.

Leaf Report:

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe
The leaves are just beginning to change on the trees closest to the water all around the lake and Northeast of Sin Clair Point heading towards Conklingville there are spots of Color in the hills.
Also north of Northville Bridge in the next two weeks, mother nature should give us quite a show, so if your boat is still in the water take a ride and enjoy the view with no humidity this time of year you can see a long way.

Water temperature:

has cooled to 65 degrees.


Pike: Average
Walleye: Average
Trout: Starting to run.

Tip of the Week:

Clean the bottom of your boat as soon as you pull it - the scum cleans off much easier vefore it dries (Like concerete0

Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5th, 2014

Photo by Larry Vrooman
Sand Island Bash: 

Has been Officially RE-Postponed to Sunday September 7th at Noon (PLEASE PASS IT ON)

GSLFF Fising Contest is this weekend!

Water Temperature 
is 74 Degrees

Water Level:
is down about a foot from last week, and is holding there. They had let quite a bit of  water out very quickly last week, but it has now leveled off. This is the new "normal" level for this time of year.

So What does this mean? We have about 3 more feet of beech on Sand, Scout, Mosquito Bay and the Northampton point. Perfect for the Sand Island Bash this Sunday. You will either be able to get out and dance on the beach, or hang out on the boat.

Stump Ally - Has only 2-3' of water in it. So Pontoons only! 
Sin Clair Point - stay in the channel and stay away from the point itself.

Trap Islands - are out of the water. (If you approach from the Broadalbin side there is some deep water, and you can pull up close to the shore.This is a great semi-private spot to relax and hang out.

The Broadalbin Shoreline - the rock walls are starting to be 2-3 feet below the water. So UNLESS you know where they are keep away from the shoreline. (AND even then be careful)

All Marinas are still accessible.

*** If you haven't been on the lake in a while or are thinking of coming out for the first time, there is still plenty of water. Just be mindful, there are a few more "gotchas" out there.

Is Phenomenal right now!!!

Walleye: Phenomenal many on the 17" range
Perch: Good
Northerns: Starting to get better
Carp: are biting like crazy for bread balls and potato chips!

Tip of the Week:
Remeber to RAISE your lower unit BEFORE you pull your boat up on to the ramp! Trust me, it wont hurt the concrete or black top!!

If you haven't checked it out recently, we have updated our Fuel-n-Food Website! We are working on getting the photos from our photo albums scanned into our Flickr Photo Gallery - so keep checking back and you will see some classic photos!