Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26th, 2014

Photo by Joanne Passero


Not much  going on - only perch and trout are open in the lake. Walleye and Pike are closed.

Lake Condition:

All shanty's are off the lake although it will be a gorgeous week to be on the ice!

The ice thickness is over 24" everywhere and up to 31" in some spots. 

The ice has smoothed right out with only a couple of heaves left. One being at Sin Clair Point. 

Once the warmer weather sets in on Friday it should soften the top layer and make it perfect for riding with enough lubrication for riding and about as fast conditions as we have had all year.

All areas are safe (of course be aware of your surroundings and and use your judgement and common sense)and the shorelines have plenty of snow so get out and burn off that last tank of gas and oil and visit your favorite establishment for what will probably be the last good weekend on the lake unless you are one of the local die hard dare devils. 

And for those of you that don't have a sled the lake is at its lowest level in years - which is about 23 feet lower than the average full level. 

It is a good way to see where the channels are and where the "gotcha's" are come boating season! You may even find a couple new areas that you can go off the beaten path when it fills up you didn't know you could.
Photo by Joanne Passero

Tip of the Week:

Even though your Snowmobile can go 100 mph plus during the day your headlight at night only gives you enough visibility for 60 mph.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12th, 2014

Photo by Joanne Passero

Ice Report : 

There is still about 28" of Ice on the lake! The Lake has smoothed out quite a bit. Last weekend it was much smoother from Sin Clair Point North, but with that bit of a melt and now all the snow is should be good riding this weekend!

Lake Conditions:

Keep an eye out on the creeks as there is some open water there particularly Kennytto Creek down by Lakeside tavern and the point at Sin Clair point. But all in all they are holding up pretty well. Use some caution by Turner Road, although it did look pretty good last week.

So all your favorite spots should be safe this weekend - just in time for Saint Patrick's Day!The snowfall should cover rocks and stumps on the shorelines.

This is really the last good weekend - so be sure to get out there if you can. Sport Island Pub is having their snowmobile fun run this Saturday. People who know the lake and the spots to look out for can still ride next week - but if you don't this is most likely the last GOOD weekend for riding!


Has actually picked up a bit!

Just remember the season is ending for Walleye, Perch and Pickerel - AND YOUR SHANTY"S MUST BE OFF THE ICE BY SATURDAY!!!

Please be cool and pick up all the trash and beer cans you brought in! It leaves an awful mess and isn't good for the lake!

Tip of the Week:

Stay out of the Creeks - and watch for open water!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5th, 2014

Ice Report:

The ice is GREAT! We have 21" of solid clear ice and 10" of honeycomb- snow re-formed ice! There is no open water in the main lake and the soft spots have re-frozen!

But is is rough ice so it is slow going out there. If you like to go fast - give it 10 days or so and it will smooth right out.
All the trails to and from the Lake are in good shape and nicely groomed, so if you are looking for a change of pace, give those a try. (Tinny's has re-opened)

Fish report:

Fish are running big, but the numbers are low. Walleye Northerns and Perch are running pretty large.

Trout are starting to turn on.
Next week with a little bit of runoff fishing should pick up.

REMEBER: the season closes March 15th for most fish. You will still be able to fish for perch and trout!

Tip of the Week:

Remember your Shanty must be off the Lake by the 15th! This weekend will have perfect conditions for getting them off the lake.

And please people - if your brought it on to the Lake - please take it home!