Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18th 2013

Water Temperature: 64 degrees

Lake Level: Is holding. It is 6-8" lower than last weekend. For all the rain we have had, it did not spill over the dam! Good Work guys!!

Boating: is safe, with the higher lake level you can pretty much go where you want to. There is not allot of island out there but there is some. The good news is that the islands are NOT eroding and the water isn't up on our lawns!!

Walleye are biting and are back into their summer patterns
Bass Season Opened up last weekend, but have slowed down a bit
Trout have slowed down somewhat as have the Northerns
Perch - both white and Yellow are biting and good sized!

Tip of the Week:
Make sure your battery is fully charged so your bilge pump can keep up with all this rain! If you don't you may not find your boat floating at the dock!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6th, 2013

Photo by Amy Lanoue
Water Temperature: 62 Degrees

Water Clarity: is the best it has been in years - so if you are a diver - take advantage. You can see 15' below the surface!

Water Level: is 3 feet below the spillway. This is actually a pretty good mix of beach and water. Navigation is pretty safe and there are a few spots to dock at Sand Island. Much of the Debris has cleared itself from the lake.

Hopefully we will not get the 5 inches of rain predicted for the weekend. If we do that will put us over the spillway. If you haven't been up to your docks it may be a good time to check on them and make sure they are secure - so they do not float away.

Fishing: Is slow at the moment. The Bass are biting the best BUT the season does not open until Father's Day weekend.

Tip of the Week: If you get a nice day - Play Hooky! And be sure to Visit all our great establishments on the Lake!!!!