Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7th 2010

Water Temperature is 74 degrees, so it is a refreshing swim!

Water Level is still high for this time of year. The water was down about 2', but is now up a foot due to the rain. The Trap islands are still under water, Stump ally is negotiable, the sand bar is not out at Northampton yet. Scout Island has some beach on the Southwest side and there is some beach at Sand Island. So the good news is boating is a pleasure, bad news is that there are not allot of places to park!

Trout are biting
Walleye is Good
Perch are biting
Northerns have slowed down a bit

Tip of the week: Make sure all your passengers are on board before heading out! We saw a swimmer stranded after his ride decided to leave - unaware that he was still in the water this past week!!