Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Water Temperature is 77 degrees at the surface

Water level is up about a foot and starting to receed. The water never came up high enough to cover the beaches. This is the most optimum water level perfect for beaches and beach acess. All our favorite spots - mosquito bay, sand island, stump island, and the trap islands have beach and are still negotiable!

Walleye have slowed down a bit
Rainbows are up
Bass are running big!

Tip of the Week:
If you don't like the Canadian Gees on your bech - don't worry, Goose season opens soon! Have you hugged a hunter today?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7th 2010

Water Temperature is 74 degrees, so it is a refreshing swim!

Water Level is still high for this time of year. The water was down about 2', but is now up a foot due to the rain. The Trap islands are still under water, Stump ally is negotiable, the sand bar is not out at Northampton yet. Scout Island has some beach on the Southwest side and there is some beach at Sand Island. So the good news is boating is a pleasure, bad news is that there are not allot of places to park!

Trout are biting
Walleye is Good
Perch are biting
Northerns have slowed down a bit

Tip of the week: Make sure all your passengers are on board before heading out! We saw a swimmer stranded after his ride decided to leave - unaware that he was still in the water this past week!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14th, 2011

Water Level:

The lake has come down about 3' and continues to drop about 4" per day. It is currently at its normal level for Memorial Day Weekend. The larger islands have some beach and some spots to park, but the trap islands and the smaller islands remain under water.

Water Temperature:

72 degrees on the surface, 65 degrees about 5 feet down

So it is swimmable


The fishing has REALLY turned on in the last 2 weeks. Walleye are biting, Bass are moving off their spawning beds - so it should be a good opening weekend for them. Perch are biting as well.

The shallow water seems to be the hot spot right now - 15' or less. The GSLFF bass fishing tournament this saturday at Sport Island Pub proves to be a good season opener. Registration from 7am-9am.

Tip of the Week:

Make sure to check you bilge pump and batteries befor heading out on the water - so you don't sink!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9th, 2011

Water Level:

is still 1' over the spillway, but is dropping about 6"per day. Most of the launches will be able to be acessed later in the week, but the state launches may still have trouble with the docks. Proper road still has about 4" of water on it, but is now acessable with care.

Good news
is that if you get your boat out there you can go anywhere you want!

Bad news
is that there is quite a bit of debris floating around out there - be careful of floating logs, barrels, docks row boats etc.


Northerns are biting and quite a few nice ones were caught at lat weekend's fishing tournament.
Walleys are small and we suspect that quite a few are still in the creeks.

Be careful out there!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Water at Highest Level Ever!

Folks the water level at the Great Sacandaga Lake is the Highest it has ever been.
Make sure to come up and check on your docks!

Sport Island Web Cam

Lanzis on the Lake Web Cam

Gordon's Lakeside Marine Web Cam

More information COming Soon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th, 2010

Ice Report: The Lake is beginning to thaw! There is still about 12" of ice out there, but the water is up 6'. There is a lot of water on the shorelines and up to 20' of open water in spots.

We do NOT recommend ANYONE ride the lake at this point.

Recreation: The warmer weather predicred this week leads us to believe the ice will come off in the next 7 days. Our predicion is Thursday. The ice is grey, but will be clear shortly. The water is coming up in the bays and the Trap islands are still showing some shoreline.


Walleye: closed

Northerns: closed

Brown trout - are biting well in the streams

Perch: NA

Tip of the Week: Pay close attention to your docks this week, the water is rising steadily in the bays.

Looks like we will be boating before you know it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NYSDOT Advises

Please be advised that while the contractor continues to break up ice on the Lake in the construction area, there will no longer be either barrels or snow fencing in place on the lake surface, as conditions have rendered it impossible to safely place this guidance on the remaining thin ice/slush near the bridge.

For more information, please contact NYSDOT Engineer-in-Charge John Porter at 518-863-4977 or, stop by the project field office at 92 Northville Road in Edinburg, or visit the project Web site at

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

UPDATE FROM NYSDOT - Open Water Notice for Great Sacandaga Lake in the area of the Batchellerville Bridge

The New York State Department of Transportation advises that due to construction of the new Batchellerville Bridge open water will be present along the entire width of Sacandaga Lake. Existing ice will be broken so that equipment can be moved between shores. The open water conditions will exist for the duration of the winter season.

To maximize safety, orange construction barrels and reflective tape will be placed from shore to shore along the open water.

Lake users should comply with posted signage and respect all barricades, fencing and other tools defining active work

areas. Snowmobilers and all-terrain vehicle operators should reduce speeds and use caution near the bridge.

Please bear in mind that weather conditions may limit the visibility of the signage, barrels and other guidance in place

on equipment and on the ice. Avoid abrupt maneuvers near the bridge, as other vehicles may be approaching the area.

For more information, please contact NYSDOT Engineer-in-Charge John Porter at 518-863-4977 or, stop by the project field office at 92 Northville Road in Edinburg, or visit the project Web site at

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21st, 2011

Ice Report: 18"-20"

Recreation: The thaw made ice with patches of snow! Snowmobiling is good, and you can now get your 4-Wheelers out!!!


Walleye: fair-slow
Northerns: biting well - 40" range
Brown trout - starting to bite
Perch: Biting

Tip of the Week:
Be sure to hook your sounders well - or you might lose them!
Be sure to check your shantys - jack them up and chip them out!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25th, 2011

Photo by Ony Antonucci of Fullers Store in Edinburg

We 11" of solid Black Ice

Due to the recent storms there is about 6" of slush on top of the ice


is down about 8' from New Years


Snowmobiles are good to go anywhere - ATV's stay in the trails and out of the slush, the trails are beaten down and hard as a rock.

BE CAREFUL if you come across other paths as they may throw you


Fishing is good, but a bit down due to the January Doldrums


ICE FISHERMEN - Check Your Shanty's due to the slush they may not be jacked up like you think they are!!! Many fisherman spent quality time digging their shanty's out last weekend.