Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 15th, 2010

Water Temperature is 71 Degrees (surface temp)

Rainbows are hot right now
Walleye has slowed down a bit
Bass are steady

The Water is dropping about a foot a week now
DO NOT STRAY from the channel in Northville especially by Northampton Beach the rocks are out.
Stay out of stump ally.
The southern Trap Islands now have plenty of beach especially by Scout Island.

Foliage Report
The Trees are just beginning to turn now
Looks like a good year for pumpkins and the apples should be especially flavorful this year due to the dry summer. Check our farmers markets for some great produce!

Boating Tip of the Week
Don't forget to push your docks out - or you may have a boat beached in mud!!!
(Seriously folks there is probably only 3' of water under some of the boats up by Vandenburg point right now)