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Friday, February 15, 2019

Lake Report as of Friday February 15th, 2019, 3PM

Photo by Wendy Rue

The conditions on the Lake are absolutely perfect as of 3 PM today! There is about 4" of fresh snow on the lake. This means you can use a snowmobile AND there is not enough to stop a side x side or a 4 x4.

There is 18" - 21" of ice and NO SLUSH!
The only hazard at the moment is an ice ridge that runs from the Broadalbin Boat Club past Deer island to Sin Clair Point. It is about 5' in height in most areas. A few spots to get around it are to head towards Scout Island or a few spots in the  middle between Lanzi's and Sand Island. Other than that the Lake is flat and the shorelines are great.

***NOTE: Conditions change daily this time of year ALWAYS USE CAUTION

The water is up about 12' higher than normal for this time of year so you can fish pretty much anywhere!

Fishing Report:

Big Northerns are biting this week
Walleye are plentiful, but small
Perch are not hitting to well
just a couple of trout

Tip of the week.

Look out for shanties - they are everywhere this weekend!!!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday February 8th, 2019

Lake Report as of Friday February 8th, 2019

Photo by Larry Vrooman
I was out yesterday, there is 16 to 20 inches of ice so the ice is good but there is about 2 inches of water on top.
When it freezes today and tonight, it’s going to be glare ice, no lubrication for sleds if it doesn’t snow a little.
Also the water went up a little so it leveled out some of the ice heaves, but they will be back. They are still letting water out so once it starts dropping the heaves will be back.

In my opinion it’s going to be a good weekend for ice fishing, side×sides and 4-wheelers. Not so much for sleds unless we get an inch of snow or more for lube and cooling.
Stay away from any inlets or creeks and you will be fine.
Fishing has been slow with just barely legal walleye’s biting best. Still a few monster perch being caught, and the northerns have mostly been under 30 inches.

Tip of the week: Jack up your shanty.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

January 26th, 2019

Lake Report as of Friday January 25th, 2019

As mentioned last week, the Lake Conditions are Changing by the Day, the weather has been wild and they are still letting water out at the rate of 2 inches per day. This report is as of Friday Night, January 25th.


Photo by Larry Vrooman

The Lake has changed dramatically since the last report. We have gone from flat and smooth conditions to a lot of snow that you can ride on.
There is 12" - 16" of ice out there.
On Top of that is about 8" of slush and water.
On top of that is about an inch of ice as it begins to re-freeze.

So, Amazingly it is pretty good riding out there.

That being said, there are a lot of pressure ridges.

As of Friday Night:
  • 3 Ridges between Lanzi's on the Lake and Wally's.
  • 1 Ridge Going from Beacon Island toward Scout Island, it goes almost all the way to Broadalbin.
  • 1 Ridge forming at the top of SinClair Point going towards Fishouse.
Please Beware that these are not the only ridges out there and new ridges are forming daily.

The Ice is Good, and you need to keep your wits about you to avoid pressure ridges.


Walleye are hitting good still
Northerns are coming in at about 30"
Perch are quite large
There is no report on Trout at this time

Tip of the Week:

Jack up your shanty!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January 13th, 2019

Lake Report as of Sunday 1-13-19 8:00 p.m.

Sorry for the long delay in lake reports but up until now the lake has been unpredictable.

The Sacandaga froze early this year (right around Thanksgiving) and it looked like it was going to be a blockbuster winter. Then the rain came and the lake went up 5 feet since it froze and 10 feet up since my lake report on labor day, crazy year.

This caused 6 inches of good ice in the middle but open water or very thin ice  around the edges.
Basically there was ice but you couldn't get to it. Which as you can imagine
caused a lot damage to docks.

Now that the cold weather is back that has all changed. The edges are froze with 7" of ice and there is 10" where it was already froze in all the spots where i checked.

By Sport Island Pub there is 12" and there was a pickup truck on the ice by Northampton campground. Its good clear black ice with just a little frozen snow on top.

There are 3 caution spots i found, one is from the point of Griffis road heading towards Scout Island back toward Lasky's marine. This is nothing new its thin or open there every year.
The second is close to Sinclair point on the northeast side its froze but thin, again nothing new same every year.

The third spot is new though. There is a spot on the northeast side of Beacon island aka: (Yacht Island) running towards Sand Island and Broadalbin that is open and it's the size of a couple football fields. This is in the area of the trap islands and, I believe, it's due to the high water. Luckily not much of the main traffic ever heads that way.

This morning though ice fisherman told me it finally froze last night.Use caution under the Batherleville bridge but ice is good all the way to Ponderosa pines. I never went further then there.

Captain Nautis is good, Sport Island, Wally's, Lakeside, and Lanzi's all good. In fact there isn't even a ridge yet in front of Lanzi's or any where else for that matter.

They are dropping the water now though 2" a day so conditions are going to change fast.

The water has only froze this high one other time in 1995 that i can remember so it's going to feel like a whole different lake to most people.

You can fish in bays and back waters that are usually dirt, and there are no rocks or islands sticking up where they normally are for snowmobiling. It's also perfect for getting your shanty out before it snows.  Its flat ice with just enough snow for lube but not enough to slow you down.

If you want to see how fast your sled is now is the time, just use your head and check a mile or two ahead, then turn around and open it up....if that doesn't get you all wound up......SELL YOUR SLED.

Fishing has been good.

Walleyes been biting best at first light and again between 4-5:30 in the afternoon, The big pike have slowed down, perch have been a few here and there, and no reports of trout.

Tip of the week:

bring a spare belt