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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

February 12th, 2020

This is going to be a very contradictory lake report. That is because we have anything from 5” of ice up to 10” of ice. with an average of 8” in most areas.

The lake is probably the best this past weekend for snowmobiles that i have seen it in a long time. Yet the Walleye challenge is canceled because there is not an average of 12” of ice and no real cold weather this week to change that.  Also because it is sketchy for wheeler’s and side x sides (which most ice fishermen use)

Because of some big fractures in the ice.  Snowmobiles can easily cross these, but you can lose a 4 wheeler in them, if you don’t cross in the right spot.

These are not a problem during the day because you can see them, but you better no where you are at night. On the Plus side, it is flat and fast with no slush or big heaves.

February 2020This may change Thursday with snow and rain heading in and with the continuing fast dropping of the water. One of these cracks in the ice run from Vandenburg point towards Sand island, and ends at Deer island. There are three more of these cracks above Sinclair pt. which are usually never there, if you are heading up to Ponderosa Pines and Placid Pines.

One is just before Captain Nautis, one is just passed the bridge, and the other is just passed the trail to Old Trail Inn. They are no big deal, but do make it
a little Rough, so keep that in mind when you Crack the throttle past Sinclair Pt. Especially since we are all used to this section being smooth.

On the other side of the lake Stump alley is smooth heading up to Sport Island Pub and Vic’s. The only Big bump being the sandbar that comes out from the campground. Slow down that can sneak up on you.

On your way back towards Lanzi’s its smooth all the way down the shoreline
to Wallys. From Wally’s if your on your way to Lakeside for a GSL Juice, which is one of my favorite local beers, Its smooth riding.

Overall the ice has a little more snow cover on it, but not much else has hanged in three weeks since my last report except the cracks in the ice.

February 2020So if you have a choice: take a sled. If you don’t have a choice: use your head and you should be good on a wheeler or side X side.

Finally I would like to reiterate because of the mild winter and high water which HRBRRD is releasing as fast as possible the lake is changing all the time.


the Walleye’s are finally biting decent, the Northern’s have slowed down and are running much smaller, not many reports on perch? which is strange, and some rainbows have been biting especially up by the Town of Day Launch.

 Tip of the week:

Don’t Ride to the Dam

Monday, January 27, 2020

January 24th, 2020

So here it is everyone, The first lake report of the new year!

There is 6” of ice in front of Captian Nauti’s, this was the measurement about 100 yards out from her launch ramp. The ice stayed the same thickness all the way up to Ponderosa pines/ Placid pines. I did not go further then Ponderosa Pines so not sure about north of there.
The ice has about 4-6” of snow on it, and the Trail to Old Trail Inn had a good  mount of snow on it too. Heading back there is 7” of ice from Captian Nauti’s  to Sinclair point.

I talked to some ice fishermen at Sinclair point and measured 7” thick in their holes. just avoid the ice at the tip of the point, it has only been froze there a week, and will probably not have much ice there all season because of the water they are releasing from the lake. Stay a little towards the fishhouse side and you will be fine.

From there to Lanzi’s there is 8” of ice. With 9” in front of Sport Island Pub, and 7 1/2” in the middle near sand island.  I would avoid going to much farther north of sport island because the river flow had opened the ice up last week under the northville bridge.

In front of Wally’s and Lakeside there is 8” of ice, with 7 1/2” by scout island. All the ice is solid black ice, which is the strongest, and about an average 5” of snow on it.

So perfect for wheelers and snowmobiles, NO CARS OR TRUCKS YET! The water has gone down from its high last week about a foot and a half, so the shoreline is good again. This also pulled the heaves out of the ice, we didn’t find any yesterday. Just cracks, some were slushy and some were refroze over, both were easy to cross with no problems. D.E.C. marked the docks that are froze in off shore with orange tape.

You can see it very easily during the day, it’s a little tougher at night. Some have reflectors on them so you can see them at night but not sure if they all do. So slow down at night.

Northerns are still biting good but they are running a little smaller than they were, walleyes are biting hit and miss, perch have been slow, and so have the trout.

Tip of the week:
move your shanty at least once a week until the ice gets thicker