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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28th, 2016

Water Temperature:

is 72 Degrees.
74 Degrees from the Bridge to the Dam

Lake Level:

The Lake is a good level right now. The level is down about a foot and a half since the last report. It is at the average level for this time of year. The last couple of years the water level was about 2 feet higher than it is now, but this is average level.
Photo by Martin Dybas

Stump Ally: has about 7-8 feet of water in it right now, so it is still negotiable by all types of boats.

Mussels Harbor: (by Lakeside Tavern)still has enough water that you can get to the back side.

Pirates Cove: has enough water to tie off, and enough beach for a few boats.

Sandbar at Northampton: is starting to come out. In most places it is still about knee deep, but there are some exposed spots.

Trap Islands: You can't beach there yeet, but you can see them.

There are a lot of sandy spots, so you are not limited to Sand Island right now. Everywhere is just about perfect and all the docks are in good shape!


Is a bit slow right now

Trout is good
Walleye is slow
Perch is slow
Bass is average

Tip of the Week:

Make sure you tie off the boat BEFORE everyone gets off (or you may find one of your passengers in the water!)

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