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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 5th, 2016

Photo by Ony Antonucci

Water Temperature 

Freezing - about 32 degrees (down from 38 degrees last week)

Ice Report

I just took a ride around the lake, because things were much different yesterday.

The little Lake at Mayfield is frozen over.

It is Frozen from Sport Island Pub down to the Bridge.

All the Bays are frozen over - even the larger ones like sunset bay have a thin coat of ice.

There is still steam coming off the main lake though which means it is NOT frozen over yet.

IF we have optimum conditions of no wind and no snow the big lake may freeze over; However there is snow in the forecast for the weekend.


No one is fishing right now, but if they were we predict it would be Great!

I do NOT recommend ice fishing right now.

If you MUST try ice fishing this weekend, go on the smaller lakes - Northville or Mayfield. My best guess is that they have maybe 2 inches of ice.

We will be making a final decision on the Walleye Challenge on Monday the 18th of January. IF there is NOT enough ice then rule #23 applies.

Rule 23 states that if there is NOT enough ICE that all the prizes will be randomly drawn for by tag number at Lanzi's on the Lake at noon. ( YES - THIS INCLUDES THE PRIZE MONEY!)

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