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Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day, 2015

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe

Lake Temperature 

is 41 Degrees, Hopefully 50 by the weekend!

Lake Level

is right on target for this time of year!
This means it is pretty much the level it was at Labor Day (august September)

We have had a good steady runoff this year, so flooding has been minimal.
Obviosly this time of year you want to be checking for debris and submerged logs, but it should not be as bad as other years.

If you haven't been checking on your docks, now would be a good time.

There is plenty of water and the Launches are in!
So go to your favorite restaurant by boat this weekend!
Lakeside and Wally's have enough water to visit by boat.


Walleye and Pike open up this Saturday! So if you are a die hard, stay up to midnight on Friday night - and you are good to go!

Fishing should be phenomenal, there have only been 10 days from the end of the ice and the beginning of the season, so they should be biting!

Tip of the Week:

Check on those docks or they MAY float away!

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