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Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 19, 2014

Photo by From Above Media

Lake Level:

We have lost a couple of feet of water since the last report, but there is stil plenty of water to boat in. Stay in the channels and pay attention to your danger buoys - this is the time of year when they really matter!

You may have been saying to yourself earlier in the year "Why are those danger buoys there? - Ther is plenty of eater there!" But now you will know why. 

Some Marinas are getting shallow, especially the first slips that are close to the shore, but you can still get to all the courtesy docks without a problem. (including Wally's, Lakeside, Captain Nauti's, Sport Island and Lanzi's)  Just watch the depth finder if pulling up close to shore.

Leaf Report:

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe
The leaves are just beginning to change on the trees closest to the water all around the lake and Northeast of Sin Clair Point heading towards Conklingville there are spots of Color in the hills.
Also north of Northville Bridge in the next two weeks, mother nature should give us quite a show, so if your boat is still in the water take a ride and enjoy the view with no humidity this time of year you can see a long way.

Water temperature:

has cooled to 65 degrees.


Pike: Average
Walleye: Average
Trout: Starting to run.

Tip of the Week:

Clean the bottom of your boat as soon as you pull it - the scum cleans off much easier vefore it dries (Like concerete0

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