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Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 28th, 2014

Photo by Stephanie Lape Crowe

Water Temperature: 

is 73 Degrees

Water Level:

The water rose about 6" last week due to the rain, but it is now down about a foot and they are letting quite a bit of water out, so it should realty be at a perfect level next week for the Sand Island Bash!

At the moment, it depends on where you are as to the challenges you may be facing.

The NE end of the lake does not have a lot of beach. But from Sin Claire Point down through Northville is a pretty much perfect mix, You can boat without worrying about hitting too much and there is some pretty nice beach.

Sand Island: The sand point on the Broadalbin side is sticking out, and there is beach all the way around, Again by next week, just in time for the Sand Island bash it should be perfect.

The Trap Islands: Are just starting to come out by Scout Island. It is about knee deep there, so if you want to sit in the water in a lawn chair, you can probably do it and keep your head above water.

Scout Island: has some beautiful sandy spots on the SW side.

The Northampton Sand Bar: is out about half way. There are some deeper spots if you approach by the Northampton Side with a drop off if you have a bigger boat.

Mosquito Bay/Stump Ally: Pontoons ONLY - unless you KNOW exactly what you are doing. ( and even then - be careful!)


Has picked up quite a bit!

Walleye: Great!
Perch: Average
Bass: Average
Northerns: 25" or less in about a foot to 2 feet of water

Tip of the Week:

Mind Your Wake!!!

Have a great week and a Happy Labor Day -  and enjoy the Ring of Fire! There will be Fireworks this Sunday at Sport Island Pub at Dusk! Be safe and we will see you out on the water.

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