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Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24th, 2013

Photo by Aaron Kinsburg
Water Temperature: 51 Degrees

As I am writing this report this morning we are seeing some lake effect snow flurries!!!!

Lake Level: is holding! You can still access Mussels Harbor ( and Wally's - if you know what you are doing!) Also the deeper spots are still accessible up north ( Northville, Edinburg)

The only issue is that most places have pulled their docks! As of today, Lakeside Tavern, Captain Nauti's and Wally's still have docks in, but Sport Island and Lanzi's on the Lake have already pulled theirs. So if you are planning on traveling by boat, you may want to be sure there is a dock to go to!

Walleye - still biting but small
Northerns - 25"-30" in the shallows
Trout - steady
Perch - have dropped off
Crappie - have also dropped off

Tip of the Week:
New State law says that if you are traveling by boat you MUST wear a life jacket from November 1st - May 1st. So be sure to have a life jacket on after November 1st!!!

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