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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday May 18th

Water Temperature is 58 Degrees

The Northerns are biting well
Trout have picked up
Perch and Bass are biting good (even though bass is currently closed)
Walleye are Coming slow
Carp are in!

The water level is up about a foot, still about 2 feet lower than normal for this time of year, but this is actually perfect for boating and beaches. There are beaches on the islands. The trap islands are just covered. The water is high enough to boat without worrying too much.

The water is continuing to warm, and if this trend continues - we will be swimming by Memorial Day weekend!

Boating Tip of the Week
Don't forget to check you battery before you launch your boat!

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  1. Thanks for the updates Lou, I'm glad I found this blog! Keep up the good work.